Friday, June 29, 2007

Die HARD 4.0

The movie DIE HARD 4.0 will be showing at cinema by 5t of July but I get the opportunity to watch the premier screening on 26/06/2007 (Tuesday) at Mid Valley.. so excited. Actually I get message from my sis that on that day MIX FM crew will go to GSC cinema MV to distribute the free passes by 8.45pm. Since free ticket will be given out by 8.45pm so we decided to go early before 8.15pm with my sister. When reached there, we saw MY FM crew was giving out the movie ticket to those called in winners for HK movie starring by Eason Chan. We walked around to look for MIX FM counter but we can't find it,we tried to asked GSC staff but they did not know where the crews go, by that time the staff asked us to ask the guy behind him who holding few movie passes. So my sis approached the guy and the guy say the ticket is for those called in winner and he was from ERA FM. He then told my sis if no one come over and claim the movie passes and he 'll give us. HA HA.. That was so great.. so we just waited there for 10 minutes before 9pm movie start and he really gave us two movie passes. Feel so excited that time and kept on say thanks to the guy.

Since that day was premier screening, all people need to give their hand phone or whatever device can record to the security guards that sitting in front of the cinema hall entrance. So we just gave them out mobile and they put it into a plastic bag and clip it then gave us a number to claimed it back after the show. Finally we get to watch the movie at Hall 4.. The movie was interesting from the beginning until the end. what surprised me was Maggie Q is one of the actor. she was pretty enough. I like her so much. I personally recommend to watch this movie.


Father's Day Celebration ^ - ^

Last 2 week during Father's Day, since all restaurants are expected to pack with people so we decided to celebrate at home.On that night we have prepared lots of foods such as fried tempura prawn (even not look so good), roasted duck, steam crab and so on.Now, let's look at photo below for the menu. Is the look ok? Erm, basically, all this was cook with the help of my sis and mom, hehe..

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Farewell Lunch with my colleague

28th of June was my last day in GHL Systems Bhd. This was the first company I have joined since gratuudated. It was considered to be great to joined this company. We make the farewell party at Secret Recipes @@OUG Branch. Wanna say thanks for all those farewell for me. Thanks guys and gals.. will missed you all.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday ~~ Siew Fong ~~ Us

Ok, seem like every month there is someone celebrating their birthday. So I have decided to compile all of this gang of friend into one . We have know each other since secondary for 11 years. Time passed very fast, now all of us is working now. Miss the day we have during secondary school..

  1. Let's start with Wai San and my birthday on 2nd of May 2007 at Rendezvous Steak Garden near Cheras. (I think so, can't really remember even went there few times ^.^)

  2. Siew fong Birthday @@ Yuen Steamboat Restaurant @@ Sunway on 15/5/2007. Three of us (SF, Wai san and me Taurus Gal) . Let's have a look with the photo on that day.Left(Front Row) : Me, Siew Fong and Chin Mee, Li Yuen, Wai San and Chooi Peng
  3. 2nd of June is Li Yuen Birthday, but the celebration was postponed to last Sunday because all is working.

    Happy Birthday to everyone .. ^.^ cheer!!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ling Hwei Birthday

On 13th May, three of us (Wai Chun, me and Kah Haw) celebrated Ling Hwei birthday without her knowledge. That day after watch the scary movie "28 week later" at IOI Mall at Puchong, we went to Secret Recipes and order 6 pieces of different flavour cakes.

(Left) The guy sitting next to Ling Hwei is the person in charge of the cakes ^.^

(Right)This is the first time three of us took photo together since our graduation


Friday, June 8, 2007

Seafood birthday ++ Naili Restaurant

P/S: You may click on the photo for more clear view.

On 5/5/2007, sm, ws, sy , chuan and me went to Port Klang to eat seafood and take this chance to celebrate ws and my birthday even though our birthday had passed. Since we are not so familiar with the place, we just try our best to get there. There are so many restaurant to choose from but finally we choose the one name Port Village Seafood Restaurant.

There are many kinds of seat available there. You may choose normal style or Japanese tatami style or sit in front of the bar with many sea shell and star fish as decoration. The price of the food and drinks is reasonable. We stayed until 11pm only left.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

GHL Annual Dinner 2006

I felt that I'm lucky to get a job right after my industrial training. Get to know this company from my friend Win Sen who have worked there for several months. The interview process was going smooth and I started to join this company on 10th of July.. ^.^ This is the 1st time i joined the company dinner, with the helped of my sisters and my dear bf; finally bought a skirt for dinner. Thanks dear for the skirt. ^.^
All queue up just to get the lucky draw no for the night..

This are the only girls in my office..

(Upper Frame:Haimi, WinSen and me) (Bottom Frame: All My colleague)

Upper frame: PSO Team Member( Unfortunately our manager Chee Chung is not here.. )

Time to nominate "Best dressed guy and girls" on the annual dinner 2006