Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Memorable month~Contest~contest and contest

July, August and September was my luckiest months, I had won 4 movie passes, Music CD and vouchers, t- Music festival concert tickets and the greatest one should be travel cash voucher worth HKD2000 for two person. the last one ~Facial voucher from Aster Spring..wo0..woo...also the most interesting one- Manchester United training passes...

The 4 movie passes were:
1)Final Destination and G.I Joes with merchandise - Won from 8TV quickies
   [Call in and answer one question and that's all]

2)吓到笑 - Singapore movie - Won from The Star

3)2 movie tickets  and a T-shirt "The Ugly Truth" - Won from FlyFM radio station
   [Please tune into 95.8 if you wanna try your luck for the sms contest]
FlyFM Booth to redeem the tickets.

Next will be the 2 RM168 T- Music Festival concert tickets, it was held last week Saturday at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, thanks to Mix FM for choosing me as the winner.
The main sponsor of the concert
entrance gates
MyFM was there too to give G-force movie tickets and T-Music Festival concert tickets

Next one was the music cd and voucher won from 988 radio station, just need to sms in a slogan and that's it.

Manchester United Live in Malaysia contest ~ timeout KL..
and my name was there..

Last one will be the HKD 2000 travel cash vouchers .The contest was organized by Cathay Holidays - "Share your smiles and win $2,000 for your next trip!". I got 3rd place for the contest. The contest rules was :

1) Login your Facebook account (right hand corner).

2) Click “attending” on your RSVP (right hand side).
3) Refresh the page.
4) Upload your photo/ video within this event page.
5) Invite your friends and relatives to vote for you!

For this contest, the method i used was msn and asking every of my friends to click "Like" for my photo, that was not a easy job and fortunely I still managed to find 103 people to vote for me.
Thanks for those vote for me..hehehe..
The results was posted here..

Health Skin treatment Voucher from Aster Spring from Budiey websites...

Free Eason Chan Moving on Stage concert@Sunway Surf Beach

Last month Eason Chan concert was held at Sunway Surf Beach at 14th of August. Few day before the concert, I found out that AllMalaysia Blogger was giving out ticket to those who tweet using #easonchan . Tickets will be given to the ones that best catch their attention, also the results will be announced the next day at 11am.

So I just give a try to tweet using #easonchan tag, and something funny happened was this is the 1st time I tweet using i get help from my boss on how to tweet using the tag and finally get to tweet it correctly..simply write something and just with the hope of trying for fun..Found the contest details from this site.. with the title "Free passes to Eason Chan's Moving on Stage 26 Concert + Sunway Lagoon"

Next day morning, received an email from Twitter asking me to check my personal message in twitter. After checking got to know I had won two tickets to Eason Chan moving on stage concerts ticket for that weekend..i was so happy and can't believe it..and the person asked me to contact him and collect the tickets from him at night time..hehehe..So at night time went over to The Star building to collect the tickets.
On Aug 14th night, prepared my self and I have asked my sister to go watch the concert. Snap lots of photos from entering the gates until the surf beach area. When we reached the blue zone, found out many peoples was sitting on the floor while waiting for the concert to start.As conclusion. the concert was really interesting and happening as eason chan was very humor and always makes people laughed.
My sister and me
 Sunway Lagoon entrance
Eason chan merchandise, a bit expensive..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Hangout ~06/09/09

Yesterday, went over to JayaOne to have lunch at a Hong Kong cafe shop named Sang Wong..suprisingly found out that there was an animal exhibition.. this week the feature animal was rabbit.. you can go in to touch and hug it..

Hailam Kopitiam@Sri Petaling

Visited this kopitiam on Friday night, this shop just opened recently and think of to give it a try..went with my mom and my cousin. (^.^).
Ordered 2 Hailam Chicken rice and also Chicken Stewed rice (both are recomended by the chef)
At 1st hailam chicken rice arrived, the smell and look was really my mom and cousin start having the food..later after 5 minutes, my food arrived ~chicken stewed rice.. look and taste was great too but when I started to have it, found out there was one slide of hair on the rice..was a bit dissapointed and asked the waiter to change..lateron the food came and started to eat it but feel like the 1st plate is tastier as the sauce was more and thick fine..just continued to eat it..

Later on my mom and cousion continued to eat their food and found out there were hair too in the plate..really felt dissapointed and don't think will come back again..

Food: 4/5
Hygience: 2/5
Service: 3/5

Location: Sri Petaling, next to new 7-eleven shop.

Wondermilk~ Cupcakes

Previously it was my best friend birthday, so this year I'm thinking to have something different ~cupcakes as the birthday cakes. Wake up early in the morning and asked my dear to fetch me to Uptown look for the so called Cupcakes house. Also, company my dear for breakfast as I remembered he mentioned before that there is a restaurant that sell famous nasi lemak..and the nasi leamk was really tasty and different from others(^.^)

So, after finish our breakfast we decided to walk around the shops and look for the so called Wondermilk cupcakes house(but i only remember the web URL which is Walked around the shopd but still couldn't find the shop so we decided to drive the car and check if we have missed out any shop, Finally after turning for 2~3 rounds around the shops in Uptown only able to find the shop, the shop was painted with black colour and next to mechanic shop, so hard to find it ..phew..almost wanna give up..(=.=)'.

The shop decorations was great and nice..when you get in will get to see variety of cupcakes on your right side. Also, some souvenirs are selling there too..Actually I'm looking for birthday cupcakes and found out there are some pre-makes birthday cupcakes. It was so cute and nice..

cuppacakes (m) sdn bhd

41 jalan ss 21/1A
damansara uptown
damansara utama
47400 petaling jaya
Contact No:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Uptown PJ, Famous Nasi Lemak

Last 2 weeks, we have our breakfast at a famous mamak restaurant owned by a chinese lady. That restaurant is famous with Nasi lemak and the price is not cheap too, around RM6.80 for a plate of nasi lemak which has one rendang ayam, sambal, timun and rice. Quite surprising is the portion of nasi lemak is big and can consider as having heavy breakfast but the rice and the rendang was total worth the money.

Monkey, my pet

Recently, my father just adopted one cute monkey. She is a girl and very cute. Let me show you her cute picture taken with my Nokia Xpress Music 5800.

Bandar Puteri Puchong, Oldboys Kopitiam

Looking for a place to sit down and surf net?
Looking for a place to do fish spa without paying a cents? or
Looking for a place that is quiet and the food and food that taste good and paying it at a reasonable price???

If the above is the one you’re looking for, then RotiBoy is a good choice…picture worth than thousand words…...

Bandar Puteri Puchong, Opposite of Bdr Puteri Giant