Monday, December 14, 2009

Facetoon Christmas Giveaway!

Leonalim site is giving away a Christmas gift, guess what is that??
>>>a free cartoon portrait of your choice!

Just follow this few easy steps and you can get your very own cute cartoon potrait to show off in your blog..

First, the most important is link back a link to Leonalim cartoon gallery site which is Facetoon Gallery,
Also, the two most important one LeonaLim main site and giveaway site

2) Include the photo that you want to be facetooned.

If I am the choosen one, I hope can use this photo as facetooned...this will leave us a memory for our 6th anniversary celebrations...

3)Go back to to publish the link to your blogpost in the comments area, and also tweet about your blog post with a link to facetoon’s twitter, @facetoon.

4) Closing date is 15 Dec.
Please choose me!! This will be a very good Christmas present!!! Bon Jovi CD Giveaways

All the while I've following in twitter, again their have contest to ask opinions on Bon Jovi and  before that we need to answer a question as following, the prize is Bon Jovi latest album The Circle.. yeah!!

What's the name of Bon Jovi's latest album?
Of course I know the answer.. tatata..  which is their eleventh studio album The Circle,
Wanna know how's the poster looks like??

From my opinion, this poster looks greats as it let's us imagine the great song will be included in this album..
Next thing is what's our opinions with Bon Jovi.. ???

Well, as a Bon Jovi fan since the early days I was amazed that I had next to no idea this album was even being made until the middle of last week, and in a way I’m glad because it means I haven’t known what to expect. So one quick trip to iTunes and…
As much as I enjoyed Have a Nice Day and Lost Highway, I thought that the boys were slowly winding themselves down until their retirement, how wrong I was!
This album god-damn ROCKS!!!
I loved We Weren’t Born to Follow the second I heard it, but I agree it’s nowhere near the strongest track on the LP, to me that accolade goes to Superman Tonight, but hell When We Were Beautiful runs it a hell of a close second! Bullet brings back shades of Hey God, in fact a lot of the album reminisces These Days to me, which since that’s my favourite Bon Jovi album is no bad thing.
I’ve listened to this all the way through 4 or 5 times, and not kidding I’m still getting shivers down my spine listening to these tracks!
Bon Jovi the epic stadium rockers are back with a bang and I love it!
Roll on June next year when I’m going to see them at the O2 arena, I was excited before, now I literally cannot wait!

Anyhow, after all that dribble, heres my ratings:
We Weren’t Born to Follow 7/10
When We Were Beautiful 9.5/10
Work For The Working Man 8/10
Superman Tonight 10/10
Bullet 7/10
Thorn in My Side 6/10
Live Before You Die 5/10
Brokenpromiseland 9/10
Love’s The Only Rule 9/10
Fast Cars 7/10
Happy Now 7/10
Learn To Love 9/10
Bonus Track – We Weren’t Born to Follow Jason Nevins Remix 2/10

Overall, 9/10 would be a 10 but that remix thrown in at the end annoys me as I’m sure the singles will have some great unreleased tracks on them that would have worked better as a bonus track.