Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog and Win with Express Rail Link

During early of January this month, Express Rail Link had held a contest which invites blogger to blog about
their experience with ERL services before or planning to try the service soon. As a rewards, two single journey tickets will be given out. sound good right??

Previously I have done so and received email from ERL management team.. two single journey ticket to be choose either KLIA Express or KLIA Transit. I would like to take this chances to say "Thank You" to Express Rail Link for viewing my blog entry..and the rewards as well.. ^.^

If you are interested to join this event, just blog about ERL Service and register your details at And is that simple!!

Recently, in conjunction with Chinese New Year ERL has come out with a promotion activities where 888 free tickets up for grab!You may check out the detail here on how to redeem the free ticket.

Add them in Facebook too..over here..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RM50 Giveaway - Valentine Day

Recently found a very interesting blogger which give away RM50 as a start of his 1st contest starting by today 27/01/10 until 13/02/10 just before the valentine’s day. This is a very easy contest, what you need to do is simply:

1.Subscribed to this blog (can unsubscribed anytime)
2.Add “Donnyien” as your FB’s friend

3.Just say “hello/hi Donny” on this post
4.And tell your friend about this contest.

And that's all for you to grab this RM50 from Donny Ien.

Try your luck now!! I'm trying mine.. ^.^

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go Green with KLIA Express!!

Feel curious on what's mean with Go Green with KLIA Express?
KLIA Express stand for Kuala Lumpur International Airport Express - Our latest addition to our Malaysia train family. Actually not latest, KLIA started their service on 14 April August 2002.

Back to the topic..
Wonder why name the service as Go Green with KLIA Express?
Throughout the world rail transport is recognized as an environmentally friendly form of transport. And for your information with KLIA Express, we can reduce all these and save our environment:
1) Reduce car load where 1 train = 4 buses or = 40-150 car..seems a large number of   reduction right??
2) Reduce Energy consumptions 
3) Reduce air pollution, noise and other cost..

4) But the mostly important is what a train need to provide is ON TIME, EFFICIENT and FAST

I was really satisfied with KLIA Express/Transit service all this while since the first time I took it at KLIA Airport last 3 years ago when I was studying in Kota Kinabalu and my house was at Bukit Jalil and the most convenient way back home is to take KLIA Transit from KLIA Airport to Bandar Tasik Selatan and asked my family to pick me up at the station.

Previously when AirAsia is started to famous with its slogan Everyone can fly.. I always wonder when KLIA Express/Transit service can expand to connect a person to LCCT as it's really so convenient and no hassle at all. Previously in the last month I have to travel to LCCT to work and the first transport method I can think of is KLIA Transit from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Salak Tinggi then change bus to LCCT Terminal. 

This service was recently introduced by ERL at a very reasonable price which cost me only RM10.80(include bus ticket at Salak Tinggi station)rather than I have to drive to KL Sentral, park and pay for my car parking and take LCCT bus and pay RM9 extra.

Following are the conclusion I can made after travel with KLIA Transit for whole month.. ^.^

The train was service was so great which I can conclude as:

ON TIME - The signal board at the station will show the duration of time train will arrive.. and it did arrived on time and no delay at all.. good service..

FAST - 28 minutes to reach Bandar Tasik Selatan instead of taking 1 hours car journey from Airport

Connectivity - KLIA Express/Transit integrates with KTM Komuter and STAR LRT at Bandar Tasik Selatan. This also means if no one free to pick me up I'm still able to take STAR LRT and bus back home.. convenient right??

Resonable fares- The ticket price was reasonable and I'm only paying RM10.80 and I'm home in 28 minutes.. fast and easy ..

Comfortable - The seat is comfortable and nice in purple colour plus there is a TV to watch too.. not bad ^.^

Cleanness - The train surrounding environment is surprisingly clean all the time from the 1st time I took it at 3 years ago until now and the seat is in good conditions and neat.  

KLIA Ekspres is the fastest, environmentally friendly and most convenient way of travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur city center. With KLIA Express, you will be on time..!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

MAKNA Twitter Campaign Prize Presentation 2009

Last year in order to promote MAKNA’s entrance in Twitter, a contest was organised relating breast cancer awareness and the creativity of the tweeters.To join the contest, MAKNA followers have to tweet about breast cancer prevention and awareness in 140 characters or less. The best sentence, chosen by the public, would receive a Laguna Pink Tumbler as reward.

In order to join this meaningful contest, there are 3 stages follower need to follow:
Stage 01: 
Between November 03 and November 12, 2009 ,Twitter users were allowed to send as many campaign-related tweets as they wished until 11:59pm of its last day
Stage 02: 
MAKNA’s staff chose the three best sentences among all the updates related to the contest – this selection was performed by the International Division Manager, the Senior Manager and the General Manager.
Stage 03:
Top 3 tweets were placed in an internet poll, allowing all Twitter users, regardless their participation in Stage 1, to vote for the best sentence about cancer awareness. The poll was closed on November 20 at 11:59pm.

Here is the result of the internet poll after Stage 03, you may view the result at here and my slogan is "Awaken, Explore, Discover - Let's fight Breast cancer together"

During December 07 2009,I have attended a prize presentation held at MAKNA's office in D-Villa Residences with the arrival of three main person in organizing this meaningful contest:
Coffee Bean: Mr. Yazeed Dato’ Kayoom, Marketing Manager
MAKNA: Mr. Vemanna Appannah, Senior Manager and Daphnee Iglesias.

This contest was organized by MAKNA together with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia who decided to gather strengths in promote World Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. With that a very special edition of the Laguna Pink Tumbler is being sold at Coffee Bean outlets for RM68. For every purchase, RM20 goes to MAKNA fund, in support to the projects.

Here are the photos taken during the prize presentation:
From left:  Mr. Vemanna Appannah, MAKNA Senior Manager, myself, and Mr. Yazeed Dato’ Kayoom, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia Marketing Manager

Feel free to view the contest result posted in MAKNA Offical Web Site here.

If anyone feel like volunteer in help out in MAKNA, you can always welcome to add MAKNA in Twitter(@makna_malaysia) or Facebook at this site 

I would like to take this chance to thanks MAKNA and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia who work closely organized this meaningful contest and allow me to have chances to get to know more about MAKNA operations. Not to forget also, thanks for the Pink Tumbler, I really like it very much..  ^.^

Facetoon Christmas Giveaway Result is out!!!

Previously I have joined a contest organized by Facetoon.. The result was out and I'm one of the winner. I'm very indeed happy as this is the first time I tried blog contest.. You may view my entry here..
As for the prizes, this is what I got in returned as a winner..
This is our Avatar...

Original photo:

Shall keep this as for our 6th Anniversary celebration and thanks to Leona Lim who choose me as one of the winner and draw this nice Avatar for us..
If you want to have an Avatar like mine,check out Facetoon site at