Monday, May 24, 2010

‘Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut"

People always say is good to eat fish often as fish full with Protein which is good for our body. I like to eat fish but just don't like to cook it as very tedious in cooking it.. Especially when after wash the fish, our hands will have fish smell.  

Pizza Hut always my favourite fast food especially when I'm in Secondary school, won't miss it after finish school.. ^.^
Recently Pizza Hut has came out a very nice combination, FISH + PIZZA = my Favourite.. yeah!! This was a perfect and delicious combination meals.. !!!

Last Saturday, my mom plan to cook fish again but me and my sisters think of going out for fish " Makan trip" and we have choosen Pizza Hut as our location.

Once arrived, we looked at the menu given and found out that there are a promotion joint of Maybank and Pizza Hut for FISH KING PIZZA 30% discount for ala carte order..this was a great offer for me and help me save some money too.. ^.^ also can order others dishes which I like most Prawn Olio Pasta, Seafood Marinara that best enjoyed with spaghetti and one pitch of COKE.. (",)

AND here is the FISH KING PIZZA.. looks so tasty ..

Did you see how they arrange the Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger on top of the PIZZA? The way they arranged is same with how you cut the PIZZA into 8 slices of it. IS this great??

Also, notice on top of the pizza there are Juicy Pineapple, Crab Sticks, roasted Capsicums, Yellow Onions and PIZZA Hut specialty - Mozarella Cheese..

From my experience of eating Pizza Hut. I have found out that actually that there are many ways to taste a great PIZZA, should salute the PIZZA maker in PIZZA HUT...And here are the methods I can think of..

1) Normal way of eating a Pizza, [H]old and [E]at
2) To taste the Great Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger , you should take a piece of the Fish Finger and eat together with the yummy Mozarella Cheese..

3) Also, Don't forget the PIZZA is the main course.. eat both Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger and crunchy PIZZA with the juicy Pineaple, and the Mozarealla cheese.. Can you see how cheesy is the Mozarella Cheese? The Fish King Pizza is really very Cheesy Greasy and Delicious
4) Also, this one is the best WAY, Grab half of the FISH KING PIZZA and eat one shot.. Oh no.. I need to open my mouth so wide in order to eat this big Chunk of PIZZA and the Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger. It was so tasty and I don't want to share with anyone.. ^.^

5) Lastly, if you wanna taste the great combination of Prawn Olio Pasta with FISH King PIZZa, try this way.. Woo..lala.. Yummy..

6) And I'll not forget to share this GREAT Moments with my family members.. see, they LOVE the FISH KING PIZZA and all menu in PIZZA Hut.

So what are you waiting for.. faster go and grab this tasty and yummy.. FISH KING Pizza in your nearest Pizza Hut outlet.. don't miss the fish.. it'll go away anytime.. Opps.. need to catch the fish again.. ^ ; ^

( oh ya.. my mom actually too excited that day and forget that she actually take out the fish to defrost.. and I found out this after we finished our meal in Pizza Hut)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1 - Taiwan - Taipei - Part 1

Here is the blog on first day in Taiwan.
Our flight:
Sun 25 Apr 2010, 0950 hrs reach Taipei @ Sun 25 Apr 2010, 1450 hrs.

We took around 15 minutes to pass by the Custom and to take our luggage, again we waited for 15 minutes for our luggage. Our luggage counter was no.4.
So here we are, Taiwan.. yeah~ ~ ~
Outside TaoYuan Airport
Our first mission after took our luggage was applied Youth Travel Card(青年卡) and also redeem our Digital Buddy Phone which bundled with NT100 credit. Taiwan Tourism Board was so generous.. ^.^
When you're out from the departure hall at Terminal 2, the Taiwan Tourism Board counter was just right in front after stepping out from Departure Hall. We redeemed the Digital Buddy phone(宝贝机) here which we have applied one month earlier before coming to Taiwan. Remember do not forget to print out the receipt to redeem the phone(OKWAP).

Our first destination for was Yilan(宜兰). We took bus from TaoYuan Airport - Taipei Main Station - Taipei City Hall. The bus we took in airport called GuoGuang ( 国光客运). The bus ticket cost us NT125 per person.

We took another bus (Exit from MRT station, will see buses outside the station) at Taipei City Hall to Yilan which is our original destination. But then later we changed our destination to LuoDong which according to the ticket lady is much more interesting compared to Yilan. LuoDong has it own night market which sell lots of nice food. So we changed our mind and head towards LuoDong. For your information, Yilan and LuoDong bus fare is the same, the fare was NT120 per person, the seats was so comfortable and spacious, better than AirAsia seat.. ^.^  Anyone who bought the ticket will be given a free mineral water, the service was really good. The bus name was Capital bus.

As you can see from the map, LuoDong town is after Yilan Town.

Our day 1 itenary:
Day 1 (25, Apr)
0950am: LCCT AirAsia Terminal
0240pm: Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 2 - Exchange US dollar to Taiwan NT.
0300pm: Collect Digital Buddy Phone(宝贝机) + Youth Travel Card (青年卡)
0320pm: Take GuoGuang Bus (国光客运) to Taipei Main Station
0400pm: Taipei Main Station -Taipei City Hall (台北市政厅站)-Take LuoDong bus (Capital Bus)
0700pm: Check in LuoDong(罗东) hotel
0730pm: Dinner at LuoDong night market

To Taipei Main Station
From TaoYuan Airport, turn right after exit Departure Hall go straight and turn left will see the Bus Counter. Take GuoGuang Bus (国光客运) or FreeGo(飞狗) bus to Taipei City。

To Yilan/LuoDong/Hualien
Take MRT in Taipei Main Station to Taipei City Hall(台北市政厅站)- Look for Blue Line MRT. Take LuoDong bus (Capital Bus) after exit Taipei City Hall station (台北市政厅站)

There are 3 other buses which go Luodong:
1. Gouguang Bus toward Luodong
2. Capital Bus toward Luodong
3. Kamalan Bus from Taipei or Banqiao Railway Station to Luodong

Taiwan Trip Preparation Work

Before leaving to Taiwan, I have search through lots of forums and site regarding Taiwan information.
There are 4 things you can do to minimize the travel cost.

1)Apply FREE MRT Card
Found out Taiwan Tourism Board is giving out free MRT Card to tourist who visit Taiwan this year, 2010.
The MRT card is pre-loaded worth NT50 as well. The card worth NT 500. Total saving = NT550= RM55 ^.^
To obtain the FREE MRT card and map, just follow these steps:

a) Write a letter request for items required such as map and MRT.
b) Prepare a self-envelope with sufficient stamps.
c) Send to this address:
Taiwan Visitors Association KL Office
Suite 25-01, Level 25, Wisma Goldhill,
67 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2)Apply DIGITAL Tour Buddy Phone
Beside that, you'll need to apply for Digital Tour Buddy phone. The phone is pre-loaded with NT100. You may use the credit to book room/taxi or even enquiry on any Taiwan travel information. This will help you save money to buying a Taiwan Sim card and reload card.
a)Please go to this link and click Join for free to register as member.
b)Proceed to this link after register for membership, scroll until the end and click Apply.
c)Please perform this one month before going to Taiwan.

3)Apply YOUTH Travel Card 
Apply this card when reach Taipei TaoYuan Airport. This card will help you save lots of money when visiting some tourism place such as Taipei 101, best rate for accomodations and etc.
4) Book for Accomodation
I have searched through and google many sites and found out this BabyHome offer is the best. You may use it as a reference.
The room rate is NT1950 for 4 person, two queen size bed. Located at XiMending, 2-5 minutes walking distance to XiMenDing station.We have book two nights for this room. For this trip, our accomodation cost is NT2600 per pax = RM260 for 5 nights. Very cheap to stay in Taiwan compare to HK or Macau. ^.^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red.FM Food Review - RM150 Voucher

Went out lunch with my colleagues today in Puchong, on the way to the place my colleague turned on Red.FM radio station. It was Aly on duty that time, Eleven2Three session. She's giving out RM150 dining voucher to Villa Danielli at Sheraton Imperial hotel.

So I just tried my luck by sending the SMS following the instruction, few minutes later I got a call from Red.FM saying that I have won RM150 voucher..oh I can't really believe that but I still managed to answer Aly question. Later someone will call me and get my details..and here come my Italian meal in Sheraton Imperial.

The contest mechanism is easy:
1) Register as member with Red.FM by type JoinNameIC No , send to 33389.
2) Type RedAnswer of the day to 33389.

Just that simple..

You may browse  the food review written by Red.FM here.. Listen to the cue to sms ..the voucher maybe yours.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Taiwan Trip - Itenary Schedule (25th - 30th Apr 2010)

Here is all about my backpacking travel to Taiwan on 25th - 30 April 2010. Just to share some of our experience on the places we've visited, the hotels we've stayed and also provided some travel guides, map and useful informations for Taiwan trip's planning.

Day 1 (25, Apr)

0950am:  LCCT AirAsia Terminal
0240pm: Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 2 - Exchange US dollar to Taiwan NT.
0300pm: Collect Digital Buddy Phone(宝贝机) + Youth Travel Card (青年卡)
0320pm: Take GuoGuang Bus to Taipei Main Station
0400pm: Taipei Main Station -Taipei City Hall (台北市政厅站) -Take LuoDong bus
0700pm: Check in LuoDong(罗东) hotel
0730pm: Dinner at LuoDong night market

Day 2 (26, Apr)
0830am: Breakfast
0930am: Head over to Yilan (宜兰)by Local Train
1000am: Visit Yilan Wine Factory
1130pm: Lunch in Yilan Town
1200pm: Head over to SuAo (苏澳)for Cold Spring
0330pm: Head over Hualien (花莲)by Local Train
0600pm: Check in Hotel
0700pm: Dinner

Day 3 (27, Apr)
0830am: Breakfast

0900am: Head over to Tarako National Park(太鲁阁公园)
0330pm: To Chisingtan before back to Hotel check out
0500pm: Take train to Taipei Main Station - XinbeiTou(新北投)
0900pm: Check in Hotel - XinBeiTou
0930pm: Visit DanShui (淡水) Night Market , dinner

Day 4 (28, Apr)

0830am: Breakfast
0900am: Walk Around XinBeiTou - Thermal Valley (地热谷)
1200pm: Shopping around XinBeiTou
0100pm: Take train to Taipei Main Station - Ximen Station (西门站)- Check in Hotel
0130pm: LongShanShi Temple(龙山寺)
0230pm: Visit SunZhongSan Museum
0430pm: Taipei 101
0630pm: Back to Hotel - rest
0800pm: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)
1100pm: Back to Hotel

Day 5 (29, Apr)

1030am: Breakfast at McDonald
1100am: Take Train to WuFen Bu (五分埔)
0100pm: Watch movie nearby Taipei City Hall
0300pm: Back to WuFenBu shopping
0600pm: Back hotel - Dinner
0630pm: Shop around Ximenting
1130pm: Back to Hotel - rest

Day 6 (30, Apr)
0800am: Breakfast near by XiMenTing
0930am: Continue shopping
1130am; Back to hotel and prepare for CheckOut
1230pm: Go to Taipei Airport
0340pm: - Back Malaysia

Thursday, May 6, 2010

March Big Surprise

March was a Joyful month as I have won many nice prizes and the greatest will be the 4 returns ticket to London.. ^.^

1) 3D2N stay in Lake Kenyir Resort by Asia WebDirect, joined this for a photo contest organized by AsiaWebDirect. Shall upload the photos of the resort later. 

2) Movie tickets:
 From ECentral The Star - Edge of Darkness
 From aestheticsMY - Up in the Air

3)Dome Cafe Voucher and 2 Alice in the Wonderland Season Passes.. Thanks Dome Cafe!!!
You may visit their FB site at here :!/DomeCafeMalaysia?ref=ts

4) AirAsia Kiddies Doddle Contest
Won four Return Air ticket to London.. this one was the greatest one as the air ticket was so expensive. Yeah!! Felt so suprise when received email from AirAsia saying that I have won the contest.. Thanks AirAsia.

5) Book of Eli Sword Keychain
Gift from I.M for entering monthly contest Book of Eli.

6) OneFM 男女斗游戏
Previously in OneFM they have one game which listener of OneFM are required to sms in when hear the sms cue, first person who SMS in will have chances to play the game. The rules of the game was one guy and one girl will be challenge to answer 2 question, the one able to answer most question will win the cash..and I'm one of the lucky one to SMS in and beat the guy.. ^.^

7) Ne-Yo Couple T-Shirt
Won this from Universal Music Malaysia in Facebook..apparently not much people join so won it ^.^
As you see in the photo, you may notice Ne-Yo signature there.. ^.^