Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1 - Taiwan - Taipei - Part 1

Here is the blog on first day in Taiwan.
Our flight:
Sun 25 Apr 2010, 0950 hrs reach Taipei @ Sun 25 Apr 2010, 1450 hrs.

We took around 15 minutes to pass by the Custom and to take our luggage, again we waited for 15 minutes for our luggage. Our luggage counter was no.4.
So here we are, Taiwan.. yeah~ ~ ~
Outside TaoYuan Airport
Our first mission after took our luggage was applied Youth Travel Card(青年卡) and also redeem our Digital Buddy Phone which bundled with NT100 credit. Taiwan Tourism Board was so generous.. ^.^
When you're out from the departure hall at Terminal 2, the Taiwan Tourism Board counter was just right in front after stepping out from Departure Hall. We redeemed the Digital Buddy phone(宝贝机) here which we have applied one month earlier before coming to Taiwan. Remember do not forget to print out the receipt to redeem the phone(OKWAP).

Our first destination for was Yilan(宜兰). We took bus from TaoYuan Airport - Taipei Main Station - Taipei City Hall. The bus we took in airport called GuoGuang ( 国光客运). The bus ticket cost us NT125 per person.

We took another bus (Exit from MRT station, will see buses outside the station) at Taipei City Hall to Yilan which is our original destination. But then later we changed our destination to LuoDong which according to the ticket lady is much more interesting compared to Yilan. LuoDong has it own night market which sell lots of nice food. So we changed our mind and head towards LuoDong. For your information, Yilan and LuoDong bus fare is the same, the fare was NT120 per person, the seats was so comfortable and spacious, better than AirAsia seat.. ^.^  Anyone who bought the ticket will be given a free mineral water, the service was really good. The bus name was Capital bus.

As you can see from the map, LuoDong town is after Yilan Town.

Our day 1 itenary:
Day 1 (25, Apr)
0950am: LCCT AirAsia Terminal
0240pm: Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 2 - Exchange US dollar to Taiwan NT.
0300pm: Collect Digital Buddy Phone(宝贝机) + Youth Travel Card (青年卡)
0320pm: Take GuoGuang Bus (国光客运) to Taipei Main Station
0400pm: Taipei Main Station -Taipei City Hall (台北市政厅站)-Take LuoDong bus (Capital Bus)
0700pm: Check in LuoDong(罗东) hotel
0730pm: Dinner at LuoDong night market

To Taipei Main Station
From TaoYuan Airport, turn right after exit Departure Hall go straight and turn left will see the Bus Counter. Take GuoGuang Bus (国光客运) or FreeGo(飞狗) bus to Taipei City。

To Yilan/LuoDong/Hualien
Take MRT in Taipei Main Station to Taipei City Hall(台北市政厅站)- Look for Blue Line MRT. Take LuoDong bus (Capital Bus) after exit Taipei City Hall station (台北市政厅站)

There are 3 other buses which go Luodong:
1. Gouguang Bus toward Luodong
2. Capital Bus toward Luodong
3. Kamalan Bus from Taipei or Banqiao Railway Station to Luodong


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Hi, can i know which bus number you took to luodong?

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Details sent to your email. Thanks for visit!!