Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seoul Trip : Day 2 Part 1 - Lunch @Hongdae - Coffee Prince Cafe

Our second day(13/5/2011) start with delicious lunch @Hongdae area.
Upon exit from Hongik University station, walk straight on right hand side you'll reach this restaurant.

The restaurant owner could not speak English but we were lucky enough to have a waiter who can speak Mandarin and ordered Bimbibap, Ginseng Chicken soup and dumpling.

It was an indulging experience from the first moment we entered the restaurant. Great service, intimate ambience, freeflow water. The lunch costs us 18,500 won as it worths the money

Up & close with our first meal in Seoul

Vege Bimbibap (비빔밥)
Samgyetang (삼계탕) - Korean chicken soup

Mandu - dumplings

Next stop - Coffee Prince Cafe

South Korea Trip - Day 1 Part 2

Our dinner for first night, Korean cup noddle, chocolate milk and coffee.

Bought T-money from Family Mart nearby. Normal card cost 2000won while the keychain type cost 8000 each. Key chain T-money can keep as souvenir and it looks closer, you'll notice a small piece of 24K gold.

It was 1:00am midnight when went for sleep, stay tuned for 2nd day trip to Coffee Prince cafe and Hello Kitty Cafe