Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seoul Trip : Day 2 Part 2 - Coffee Prince Cafe

Sorry for the delayed on blogging the next stop Coffee Prince Cafe shop. On second day after our lunch at Hongdae, our next stop was Coffee Prince cafe shop, those who watch Korean love drama series "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" will sure like to visit the coffee shop in that was used as their filming location.

The Coffee Prince Coffee Shop was originally a nondescript cafe near Hongik University in Seoul called "Fruit Garden Mama".

We finally reached the place after checking and asking with several local people on the street, the book that I bought was in Chinese and seems not suitable. An advise to those going there, please buy English version Seoul travel book if required.

On the street checking on my travel guide

Here we are "The Coffee Prince Cafe" and not to forget a photo with the famous cafe shop

If you see this signboard, you're on the right place.

The painting of sunflowers by Han Yoo-Joo on the wall

Interior Cafe
Signature of all Coffee Prince cafe actor; actress such as Go Eun Chan, Choi Han Kyul
Inside the cafe, can you see main actor signature?
Italy famous Pinocchio as decorations

Upon entering the cafe, the waiter will give beverage menu to make sure every visitor spend on something
instead of just visiting the cafe. We ordered 3 coffee which cost us 21,000KRW. Around 7,000 KRW /cup.
Actually it was a bit expensive but then we figured we don't get to set foot on Seoul
a.k.a. Korean drama land on a regular basis anyway.

Direction to The Coffee Prince Cafe shop
 1. Take subway Line 2 to Hongik University station. It's marked in green on the map.
 2. Go out through Exit 4.
 3. Turn right at Seven Springs corner. Walk for around two blocks.
 4. When you reach the end of the road, turn left.
 5. Turn right on the first right turn you see. (Once you turn you will see a Family Mart to your left.)
 6. Walk straight for about 500 meters, the street will go uphill midway.
     At the end of the road you will find the coffee shop on the right side. Keep your eyes peeled because the shop is 
     surrounded by trees

Next Stop: Hello Kitty Cafe @ Hongik University area


Anonymous said...

do you know what time coffee prince cafe closed?

May aNG said...

Opening time from 1230pm - 2330 daily.