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Sanook ~ ~ Fun & Happening Bistro @Kelana Jaya

Do you ever dream of dining in a restaurant fronting a lake which offers a sumptuous spread of the best dishes from Asia, Europe and America?

Or maybe taste the best meal from delicious Asian curries and noodles, traditional Italian pasta and wood-fired oven pizzas, juicy American chops, original Angus steaks to an eclectic mix of tapas, canapés and desserts from a variety of culinary and cultural backgrounds without traveling far to oversea?

Sanook ~ offered the brand new menu focusing on Fusion food, combining the complex and delicate tastes of Asia with the wholesome robust flavors of the West. Pricing at relatively low and all quoted as net prices in the menu. Also, as shown in the menu, Sanook's Simple the Best Selection is known to be extremely dangerous to food lovers just like me and you!!

Sanook, meaning "Fun" in Thai, is a guiding principle of Thai social life. And indeed, it’s a principle that transcends all borders and cultures and is applied by all and to all who wants to enjoy life.

At Sanook, it is divided into two levels to create a fun atmosphere for the guest to enjoy the good life at Alfresco@Sanook and Arriba@Sanook. Thanks to invitation from Sanook manager, was able to try out the best selection from Alfresco@Sanook which located at ground floor.

Sanook's Executive Head Chef, Asrif, has more than 10 years’ experience in developing fine cuisines and is a master in combining tastes, textures and flavors ; using spices and creating sauces. For instance, Sesame Honey Lamb pizza uses a base sauce of peanut butter, instead of the traditional tomato-based sauce.

And one of the Sanook's best selection ~ ~ Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets is garnished with a piquant Korean sauce and Kimchi.

Our dinner started with two Appetizers, these two dishes were perfect for those who's looking for a light meal during a chit chat session with friend/family
5 pieces of Sushi Nori Hailam and Gyro Lamb Pita.

Gyro Lamb Pita (RM18)~ ~
Sliced boneless marinated lamb leg with veggies ; black olives, stuffed in fresh homemade pita bread pockets, with special yoghurt mint sauce.
Sushi seaweed rolls (RM12)stuffed with hainanese chicken rice, slices of boiled tender chicken and cool japanese cucumber ; served with special ginger chili dip
At the same time, was able to capture the method of making a authentic homemade pita bread pockets. It was interesting to see the making of a pita bread.

Next on table was the Salad ~~
Moogus Salad(RM23) ~ ~
Grilled Sirloin beef ; asparagus tossed with wild rocket, parmesan cheese; roasted red capsicums in special house dressing. Sanook make a new menu by combining Sirloin beef with the salad instead the conventional salad dish of chicken breast or smoked salmon. This dish was simply delicious as the sirloin beef was well cooked and juicy when consume with special house dressing.

And, here came the Main courses for the night~ ~We are lucky enough to tried out 11 different types of food from Asian , Thai to Western meal

Tom Yum Goong Pisek (RM29)~ ~
Genuinely thai spicy soup of tiger prawn, squids; fish infused with thai herbs

3S Crispy Salmon(RM38) ~ ~
Fillet of salmon seared to perfection with a crispy skin, served on bed of special 3-taste sauce(sweet, sour; spicy)accompanied by lime tofu salsa

Expresso Chicken (RM25)~ ~
Tender chicken chop with espresso honey glaze roasted to perfection & served with pomelo salad, corn mojo; citrus bean salsa, accompanied with tortilla chips

Masala Rib-Eye(RM42) ~ ~
Prime cuts of beef rib-eye coated with chef's special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection; accompanied with vegetable kebabs

Kim-Yang Lamb Cutlets (RM52)~ ~
Kim's favorite lamb cutlets coated in korean spices, charbrolled to perfection; accompanied with korean kimchi

For your suprise, this meal only costs RM22 . Big Tree Sang Har Mee from Chinatown,served with famous crispy noddles with wok-fried giant freshwater prawn in rich prawn gravy; served with braised bok choy. The salt level for this thick gravy was just fine and simply good enough.

Have you ever think of Lasagna + Beef Rendang? In Sanook, chef has came out with a localized Beef Rendang Lasagna namely Lasagna Beef Rendang Padang(RM29), a homemade chef's special, delicious lasagna layers lavished with spicy ; tender beef rendang , served with garden greens in house dressing. This portion is big enough for two persons.

For Italian food lover, Marco’s Aglio e Oilo(RM26) offered the best with fresh water prawn,  squids, mussels, clams flavored with coriander,crispy garlic and chili flakes.

Another Malaysian localized pasta ~ ~ Massaman Calamari Tagliatelle, a stir fried tagliatelle dish with squids in massaman curry paste. The chili hot level is simply high for me, a must try for spicy food lover.

For your information, this Massaman Calamari Tagliatelle dish only served during lunch time for Pasta eat all you can deal plus with free flow of soup, drink and salad; simply a good deal for lunch time. The deal cost only RM 18 nett from 11:30AM -2:30AM Monday to Friday.

For Pizza  and Thai food lover, you should tried this out.
3 flavor pizza - Spicy Thai Mango Tuna Pizza(RM33) with chunky tuna with sliced mango, caramelized onions and cucumber with parmesan cheese. Can you imagine you can taste Thai + Western meal in same time? That's the special meal created by Sanook's Chef which can't find in other restaurant.

And another Sanook's best selection, Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza(RM35), fabulous pizza of sliced lamb, fried garlic and sesame seeds with special honey sauce and fresh mozarella cheese.

Finally, desserts time after being served with 11 different type of main courses.

Freshly pan-fried french crepes(RM17) flavored with creamy fresh orange juice and Margeret's Bread Butter and Pudding~ ~ citrus zest old fashioned english family favorite bread pudding with creamy egg custard

Margaret's Bread butter and Pudding, RM14
Oh ya, for the drink? Here is the recommended one, Tequila Sunrise, RM27

Tequila Sunrise

C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya SS7/13A PJ
Ph 03 7877 3636
GPS 3.09463N 101.59795E

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