Monday, May 24, 2010

‘Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut"

People always say is good to eat fish often as fish full with Protein which is good for our body. I like to eat fish but just don't like to cook it as very tedious in cooking it.. Especially when after wash the fish, our hands will have fish smell.  

Pizza Hut always my favourite fast food especially when I'm in Secondary school, won't miss it after finish school.. ^.^
Recently Pizza Hut has came out a very nice combination, FISH + PIZZA = my Favourite.. yeah!! This was a perfect and delicious combination meals.. !!!

Last Saturday, my mom plan to cook fish again but me and my sisters think of going out for fish " Makan trip" and we have choosen Pizza Hut as our location.

Once arrived, we looked at the menu given and found out that there are a promotion joint of Maybank and Pizza Hut for FISH KING PIZZA 30% discount for ala carte order..this was a great offer for me and help me save some money too.. ^.^ also can order others dishes which I like most Prawn Olio Pasta, Seafood Marinara that best enjoyed with spaghetti and one pitch of COKE.. (",)

AND here is the FISH KING PIZZA.. looks so tasty ..

Did you see how they arrange the Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger on top of the PIZZA? The way they arranged is same with how you cut the PIZZA into 8 slices of it. IS this great??

Also, notice on top of the pizza there are Juicy Pineapple, Crab Sticks, roasted Capsicums, Yellow Onions and PIZZA Hut specialty - Mozarella Cheese..

From my experience of eating Pizza Hut. I have found out that actually that there are many ways to taste a great PIZZA, should salute the PIZZA maker in PIZZA HUT...And here are the methods I can think of..

1) Normal way of eating a Pizza, [H]old and [E]at
2) To taste the Great Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger , you should take a piece of the Fish Finger and eat together with the yummy Mozarella Cheese..

3) Also, Don't forget the PIZZA is the main course.. eat both Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger and crunchy PIZZA with the juicy Pineaple, and the Mozarealla cheese.. Can you see how cheesy is the Mozarella Cheese? The Fish King Pizza is really very Cheesy Greasy and Delicious
4) Also, this one is the best WAY, Grab half of the FISH KING PIZZA and eat one shot.. Oh no.. I need to open my mouth so wide in order to eat this big Chunk of PIZZA and the Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger. It was so tasty and I don't want to share with anyone.. ^.^

5) Lastly, if you wanna taste the great combination of Prawn Olio Pasta with FISH King PIZZa, try this way.. Woo..lala.. Yummy..

6) And I'll not forget to share this GREAT Moments with my family members.. see, they LOVE the FISH KING PIZZA and all menu in PIZZA Hut.

So what are you waiting for.. faster go and grab this tasty and yummy.. FISH KING Pizza in your nearest Pizza Hut outlet.. don't miss the fish.. it'll go away anytime.. Opps.. need to catch the fish again.. ^ ; ^

( oh ya.. my mom actually too excited that day and forget that she actually take out the fish to defrost.. and I found out this after we finished our meal in Pizza Hut)

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