Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everland Korea - Dream of land

Flyaway to Yeosu trip day 2 continue with day trip to Everland, most popular theme park in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea.

Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. With 8.6 million visitors, Everland ranked tenth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2007. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.

The name of the park is of note, as the name "Everland" is English. In Korean, the name is approximated as "Ebeoraendeu" - in other words, there is no authentic Korean name for the park. This park was formerly called "Jayeon Nongwon" which roughly means "Natural Farm".Its former English name was "Farmland".

Woke up early in morning ; had our breakfast outside as the hotel we stayed didn't provide breakfast. Reached Everland bus stop at around. 10:00am, free shuttle bus is available to bring you to main entrance of theme park. Cars, buses will park/ stop here as not allow to enter the main entrance. Quite a good idea to reduce air pollutions and Eco save.

The distance from Everland bus stop & main entrance is not far takes about 5 minuntes bus rides.

Once reached the main gates, our tour guide brief is on today itenary and meet up point & time.

Everland consists of 5 unique-themed zones, such as Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure,and Zootopia.

This was my second times to Everland & first time does not have enough time to explore Zoo- zone.

Zoo-Topia is an animal themed portion. There is a petting zoo, pony rides, and animal shows. There is also a small zoo with polar bears, sea lions, penguins, bears, tigers and primates.
The petting zoo provides animals such as goats and sheep to pet.

My first stop with Linora was Safari Ride. A safari bus ride is available which shows animals such as tigers and bears roaming in a contained habitat.

During the rides, we were able to see a special speasis type of tiger, combination of tiger & lion DNA. It was white in color and looks so cute.

The visitors are caged up in this special design bus.

Our first point to start was at European zone. So we went to this so called Rotating house. Rotating House is under the mysterious spell of magicians.

Welcome to a stupendous magic contest, where the whole world appears to turn upside down!~

Next stop up, Secret garden & Four season garden under European tour zone. A pictures worth of thousands words, enjoy the secret of a garden can be.

To best enjoy the greatest view of Four season garden, one must take this Festival train. The festival train that runs across the four seasons garden from the south to north. This train welcomes parents and who want to take a comfortable ride while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the garden, along with their children. Take the ride on a mini train with your family and friends and create a sweet memory!

See!! Me & Linora had our sweet memoir here!!

Our final stop was Holland village in Global fair street before we heading to take our lunch then meet up with the rest. Global Fair’s main street is a festive venue full of the world’s various cultures, foods,shops and architectural wonders.

Lunch for the day, I had Seafood kimchi fried rice, miso soup & fruits. Salads & kimchi are free for unlimited refills.

We concluded our day trip in Everland with cable car ride. Two different of cable car available which one can accommodate two person each rides while the other one can accommodate four person each ride. Leave my foot print here with a photos.

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